Volunteer Information

What You Need To Know About 


We appreciate our volunteers!  

LMS has many volunteer opportunities and we value your support as we strive to empower our community of learners.  

BVSD has a Volunteer policy that offers 3 Levels of volunteering based on student contact.  All Levels require an Annual completion of a BVSD application, and Levels 2 and 3 require an additional background check conducted by TCLogiQ for $17.  . 

Required Annual BVSD Volunteer Application:  All volunteers are required to complete this application every school year regardless of your level of volunteering.  There is no fee associated with this application. Click here to complete it.  

Level 1:  Being a Level 1 volunteer requires completion of the BVSD Annual Application and means that you will have the following restrictions: 

  1. No contact with students or the contact with students is either incidental or directly supervised (line of sight) by a BVSD employee.  

  2. The volunteer will be checked against the Colorado Convicted Sex Offender Registry at each school.  

Level 2:  This volunteer service involves indirectly supervised contact with students on or off campus and requires a BVSD approved background check as well as the BVSD Annual Application.  Background checks are completed online through TCLogiQ at the following address:  www.tclogiq.com/bvsdv.  **Please note the letter “v” at the end of the address.  There is a $17 fee, to be paid by the volunteer, and the background check is valid for one school year.  

***NOTE:  New This Year, Fingerprinting via Colorado Bureau of Investigations (CBI) is NOT Available At This Time. TCLogiQ is currently the only avenue for background checks.  If you have had a CBI check in the past, you still need to complete the BVSD Annual Application.

Level 3 - Volunteer Driver: Volunteer drivers are very rarely used at LMS, however, please see the following requirements below:

  1. Must be approved as a Level 2 volunteer.

  2. Complete the BVSD Annual Volunteer Application

  3. Fill out the Annual Volunteer Driver Application

  4. Bring the following documents to the school volunteer coordinator: 

  • Copy of your Driver’s License

  • Copy of your Proof of Insurance stating liability coverage to include: $100,000/$300,000liability, $50,000 property damage, and uninsured motorist $25,000/$50,000

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