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 Course Catalog/DispForm.aspx?ID=24527{a1474b88-e943-4771-be13-3b8882c5fdd4}J04Woodworking and CraftsThis course (Woodworking & Crafts) is a hands-on class focused on using a variety of tools and techniques to create woodworking and craft projects. No prior experience in shop work is needed. In this course, the students will learn how to use hand and power tools. Student will learn elements of shop safety with an emphasis on proper tool use. Students will then learn to select and use the appropriate tools to complete three or more projects through a design and production process. Membership in the Student Organization CCCSO or TSA is an integral part of this program.1Middle Level Credit7th;#8th;#varyIndustrial ArtsSkilled Trades & Technical SciencesNo20.0000000000000 Course Catalog/DispForm.aspx?ID=24243{a1474b88-e943-4771-be13-3b8882c5fdd4}J38Exploratory Shop WHEEL1Middle Level Credit6th;#varyIndustrial ArtsN/ANo