About Our School

Louisville Middle School is an extraordinary, dynamic environment where students and staff partner to create a true community of learners. The House of PRIDE sets high academic standards for all students, following the core belief that everyone should have the opportunity to be challenged and to grow. Students share a common and strong sense of community as they strive to achieve high academic standards, explore their creative and artistic potential, and challenge themselves to develop physical fitness habits for life. Our parents collaborate with staff to ensure a caring, engaging and nurturing environment where everyone is welcomed and encouraged to flourish. Louisville Middle School is known for its diverse academic offerings, with both advanced and academic support courses, as well as a robust extracurricular program of athletics, academic and interest-based clubs. Louisville Middle School PRIDE (positivity, respect, integrity, determination, empathy) exemplifies a unique and vibrant small-town neighborhood setting, while continuing a strong tradition of excellence.

Academic Goals

‚Äč Improve reading and math proficiency for all students, with emphasis on research based best practice, and Pre-AP reading strategies.


Points of Pride

Positivity propels us to transform challenges into opportunities. 
Respect compels us to honor the dignity and worth of self and others. 
Integrity inspires us to do the right thing, especially when no one else is watching. 
Determination dares us to approach life with energy and persistence. 
Empathy calls us to connect with others through compassion and caring.